24 Sep 2010

Birthday Pie


So, yesterday was my birthday: the big 3-2. I spent it working on some assignments in the day and then went out for dinner with my dear husband, and later met up with my sister-in-law for drinks. This year, I was treated to a bunch of fun pressies like a retro-inspired apron from my sister (you'll see that shortly!), some fashion jewelry (including a vintage piece) from my parents, a few gift cards from my sister and sister-in-law, DVDs of Community (Season 1) and Mad Men (Season 2) from my husband and a homemade coupon (written in crayon!) for various manly services around the home that I've been nagging the dear boy about. Yay!

I also received lots of nice birthday wishes. I did this two years ago, and thought it might be nerdly pseudo-scientific fun to compare how I received my birthday greetings then and now. Here's what 2008 looked like:

And here's 2010:

Facebook's picking up a bit of steam, eh? We all knew that, what with all of you on it, stalking each other and wasting your days with Farmville. I mean, there's even friggin' movie ABOUT Facebook having just come out (which is surprisingly getting amazing reviews), but it's neat to see how a website has actually impacted how we celebrate life milestones.

... Or this just proves that I'll take any excuse to make a pie chart. I! LOVE! PIE! CHARTS!


Carrie,  5:55 pm, September 24, 2010  

Happy belated birthday! Looking forward to your next housewife project!

Anonymous,  10:18 am, September 27, 2010  

I can't believe how much we use Facebook now. Interesting graph, indeed.

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