12 Oct 2010

Return of the 50s Housewife ... Next Week!

So, here's a wee update: Patrick got a new job and it starts next week. It sounds like a good move all-around and he's excited to get in there.

As you probably know, starting at a new office can be a bit stressful; lots of first impressions to be made, getting the hang of the systems and the lingo, painful attempts to control your gas ... So, to make things easier for him (and more interesting for you and me!) I decided I'll bring back the 50s Housewife for one week, but with a slight twist:

Last time around, I received critiques that a "true" 50s housewife would have catered things more around her husband than I did - supporting him, his preferences (like meals), not losing my shiz when he left his socks around the house or played video games when company was about to come over ... So, in that spirit and keeping in mind that I want his first week at the new job to be super-duper, I'll be doing The 50s Housewife Experiment: Husband-Obsessed Edition (or How To Infuriate Your Inner Feminist in 7 Loooong Days!).

To help me on that path, I have a few more 50s resources to throw into the mix:

  • How To Help Your Husband Get Ahead In His Social and Business Life by Mrs. Dale Carnegie (1953)
  • Help Your Husband Stay Alive! (yes, with! an! exclamation! point!) by Hannah Lees (1957)
  • A few more cookbooks from the era, including the entire Good Housekeeping's 1958 Cook Books set (with some outrageously grody photos!) and Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book (1950)
Patrick's new office is literally around the corner from our home, which means he'll get to sleep in a bit later, come home for lunch and will likely be home after work earlier than before as well - which all means that I'll have to be on top of my 50s housewife schedule even more than last time and make sure lunch gets served around his break.

He is, of course, thrilled by the prospect of all this. Probably the only thing that could ruin it for him are his co-workers finding out that "the new guy" has an insane wife who plays make-believe at home. Seeing as that secret is a mere Google search away, I'll presume they'll find out sooner than later, so ... Hello new co-workers of Patrick Byck! Be nice to him, will you? That said, if you agree with me that he sometimes wears too much cologne, please let him know. He doesn't believe it when I tell him that.

Anyhoo ... I have more housewife experiment stuff on the go, but will let you in on that stuff at a later time (yes, I'm a giant tease).

This experiment, as it happens:
  • How To Have a Happy and Successful Husband - 1950s Style
  • Day 1: (I Fell Into A) Blubbery Ring of Plenty
  • Day 2: That'll Be $2 A Feeling, Ma'am
  • Day 3: Blessed Are The Conveniences
  • Day 4: Lighten Up
  • Day 5: His Girl Friday Throws A Dinner Party
  • Day 6: All Dressed Up And (Thankfully) Nowhere To Go
  • Day 7: Finding Meaning
  • Bonus Post: Good News and a Vintage Cookbook Giveaway!
  • Results from the Husband-Obsessed 50s Housewife Experiment
  • Lessons from a Husband-Obsessed 50s Housewife

    Anonymous,  3:24 pm, October 12, 2010  


    Foxy Renard 7:18 pm, October 12, 2010  

    Bahaha, awesome. Also: YAY Patrick's new job! Details? Drinks?

    Kelly,  10:12 pm, October 12, 2010  

    Oh - this will be good!

    Anonymous,  1:31 pm, October 13, 2010  

    Bring it!

    Jen 2:43 pm, October 14, 2010  

    Thanks! Hope to not disappoint!

    Charity 4:52 pm, October 14, 2010  

    Hi Jen,

    I started reading your blog during your last 50's experiment. I'm so excited to see the new one! :)


    Susan Being Snippy 11:03 am, October 15, 2010  

    I will be following closely, but not playing along! Something like that would surely go to 'his' head and I am struggling with living with him as it is...

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