30 Dec 2010

Bye Bye 2010 ... Hello 2011!

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It's New Year's Eve Eve (New Year's Adam?) and since we're travelling tomorrow, I wanted to write a quick post to wish you all well and reflect a little on this year.

Like all years, 2010 had its ups and downs but undoubtedly the biggest thing that impacted us was the sudden passing of my father-in-law, Paul. I won't dwell on it here, but losing Paul has been pretty tough on the Byck family and I hope that 2011 offers some healing and plenty of things to celebrate and feel grateful for. While we can't replace the holes left by people who pass on, we can continue to let ourselves grow and honour the memories of our loved ones by living the best lives we can. So, here's hoping we do just that.

On the pluses for 2010, Patrick is enjoying his new job, my freelancing is going well and the 50s Housewife Experiment has brought some potential opportunities my way, plus it's connected me to some cool peeps on the blogosphere and beyond. My sister's engagement and happiness has been a pretty nice highlight as has my dad's ability to keep cancer at bay this year. All good stuff that I'm super thankful for.

As for 2011? It's a clean slate for us all. I'll hopefully be working on some 50s housewife stuff behind the scenes but she might resurface on the blog again - you never know! I'm toying with the idea of doing a 1940s Housewife Experiment (I have oodles of resources, specifically concerning wartime activities) or even a 1960s Experiment focusing on a special collection of materials I have (hint: It's from a glamorous woman's club!). Any preferences, bloggy readers?

Our New Year's Eve celebration won't be era-focused - instead we're hopping on a plane and going to Las Vegas! Eeee! (Don't get any ideas, would-be-robbers; we have someone staying at our place while we're gone!) As you can imagine, it will be all class - because nothing is classier than me, on New Years, in Las Vegas. Heh. The toxicity in my body will likely be higher than the time we ate the Asparagus Meat Mold, so I have a feeling that for the first few weeks of January, you'll be hearing about vegan this and juice that and other hippie nonsense that I'll believe will cleanse my insides.

Should you be disappointed with the lack of 50s New Year's stuff on the blog, I dug up this video that I found online. It's of a wee New Year's Eve Party from the 1950s, complete with Vienna Sausages *shudder*:

Thanks for coming by the blog this year! I hope your New Year's Eve is hap-hap-happy and safe, and that 2011 is your best year yet!


Lauren 8:07 am, December 31, 2010  

Here's to a better 2011!
Can I vote for a war time housewife please? Though I'd be interested in the 60s one too.
Have fun in Vegas!

Marsha,  5:34 pm, January 01, 2011  

WWII housewife please! I want a good demo on putting on stocking seams with eyeliner.

Have fin in Vegas!

Meghan,  5:45 pm, January 01, 2011  

I have to go with the '40s as well. I think the word "frugal" is still going to be very much in play next year, so it's perfect. I also need more ammo to fan the flames of an argument started with a friend during the 50's experiment-he finds a woman's flirtation with this era of evil man oppression sickening. HA!

Anonymous,  7:47 pm, January 01, 2011  

Happy New Years! Do BOTH experiments please :D

Anonymous,  5:54 pm, January 06, 2011  

1940s housewife!!!

Nancy 1:04 pm, January 08, 2011  

I would love to see you do a 1940's housewife experiment. I think it would be surprising just how much that knowledge would help us in the here and now.

BTW, even though I wasn't a housewife in the fifties, I was a teen and saw no oppression by the men as a whole. One of my aunts did marry a jerk who was this type of male, but that kind of jerk is still around today.

Jen 9:18 pm, January 08, 2011  

Thanks for the comments, all!

Hmmm 40s wartime seems like a popular choice - and I actually have a LOT of material from the era ... so perhaps that will be next. I'm considering doing both a North American and a British one (as the experiences were actually quite different, especially the severity of rationing) ... Thanks for the input all!

Marsha,  1:11 am, January 09, 2011  

You mentioned that you didn't lose any weight during the 50's experiment. I suspect if you go with a 40's British housewife you might lose a dress size!I think those ration coupons were quite a bit more "restricted" than their North American counterparts.

frenchfriedgeek 6:19 pm, May 15, 2011  

Ok, I'm about 5 month's late to the party, but a 1940's housewife experiment sounds great. Especially the idea of a British version. Many unique foods in Britain to begin with, and the addition of rationing will make it even more interesting. And the fashion tips for the woman at war must be interesting. No nylons, limited makeup, should be cool!

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