14 Dec 2010

We're at the Mercy of Canada Post


I had intended on telling you all about the 50s Housewife Does Christmas today, but thanks to some major draggage by the post office on a couple "crucial" items pertaining to the project, I'm delaying my update a bit. I'm still doing things up here, and will share all that on la blog, but it might not be for a couple days.

That said, I am currently in crafting hell, 1950s style. Despite being a 'creative' person, I am not really a crafty person - my ideas tend to literally fall apart in the execution phase - largely due to my lack of patience for making things just so. As you can imagine, many of the holiday crafts from 1950s magazines were directed at women who were keen to do anything that wasn't scrubbing the toilet, so the projects are rather exact and meticulous looking - while still totally ridiculous. Also working against me is the fact that instructions at the time for said crafts were bare bones, so I've had to goof with things to figure out how to make them (I'm presuming people were smarter then and could figure stuff out with their own brains - a huge departure from today's society, where we depend on step-by-step videos to teach us how to do the most simplistic of tasks). So, because of my ease to tantrum in the midst of crafting and the amount of guess-work on how these things are supposed to come together, I have half a dozen incomplete Christmas creations strewn about, as if a bunch of elves came by and barfed in every corner and surface of my home. As you can imagine, Patrick is delighted to arrive to this sight when he returns from work.

While I'm fussing with crepe paper and cotton batting and Ativan some truly ugly ornaments behind the scenes, light up a Lucky and enjoy this random home movie I found online of a Christmas party from the 1950s, bizarrely set to the 1967 Moody Blues hit, "Nights In White Satin":

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens, December 1959


Lauren 5:18 am, December 15, 2010  

Great clip, thanks! Please tell me you'll be wearing a ballgown on Christmas day...

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