4 Apr 2011

How To Woo Me

With a Canadian election on, I should probably be talking about that - but there is something much more important to discuss: a gum commercial.

Excel has these rather cute spots that show animated food items following people around - suggesting that the things you eat linger in your breath until you kill them by brushing your teeth chewing Excel gum. Here are two commercials from the series. The first one aired years ago (random trivia: the subway station it was filmed in, Dupont, was right next to our first home) and the second ad just started airing last month:

Adorable, no?

So, I get the coffee breath, the onion breath, the garlic breath - but doughnut breath?

I'm not saying it couldn't happen. My point is this: why would you ever want to get rid of it? Doughnuts smell amazing - even when in someone else's mouth.

This may be revealing too much, but if someone was speaking to me and had doughnut breath, it would probably act as a pheromone. I would totally creep in closer, lean into them, and the rest of the world would fall away. The person could be saying the most vile, racist, horrible things, and I'd be enamored, encouraging him to go on. ("You know, I just love it when you say 'homosexuals'. Can you say it again? Hhhhhhomosexuals. And where was it you said they were going? Hhhhhell?")

Other people think these things too, right?


Karen 1:22 pm, April 04, 2011  

I think you're the only one who thinks these things. But now that you mention it, donut breath would be pretty awesome to have.

Foxy Renard 2:01 pm, April 04, 2011  

Ew! No way. Donuts leave that disgusting fat-film coating in your mouth - the taste is revolting enough, I can't even handle imagining the smell. This post is totally testing my gag reflex! Hahahahah.

Father of the Monkey,  7:44 pm, April 04, 2011  

mmmmm... DOUGHNUTS mmmmm....

weenie_elise 9:17 pm, April 04, 2011  

I haven't considered donut breath - but I do think that donut guy is the cutest and always get sad when he gets swept away by the giant gum splash wave - In Australia, Extra is the gum that kills this cute little guy.

Anonymous,  9:24 pm, April 04, 2011  

I'm going to take a guess and say that the doughnut is more about sugar remaining in your mouth rather than how it makes your breath smell...

Unknown 10:38 pm, April 04, 2011  

I thought the exact same thing!
I would also like to know what you think of the Knorr salt & pepper shaker commercials. Is it wrong to think it's hilarious that the salt shaker cries out salt? I NEED to own those, just so I can make them cry into my food. So funny!

Blair Frodelius 8:27 am, April 05, 2011  


i use doughnut flavored chewing gum.

{{{blowing a kiss your way}}}


Di Smith 4:20 pm, April 05, 2011  

I don't know, Jen... The smell of donuts baking is pretty dreamy, but how good can anything smell mixed with warm saliva?? Huh?

The real question is should Jack Layton head out on the campaign trail with donut breath? Help or hurt his chances???

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