22 Apr 2011

Polite Society

Anytime I see something searingly embarrassing, I like to think about the events that lead up to it. Like, if you're a white 40-something woman from the south and "hip hop is who you are", there's a very good chance that you told your friends you were going to make a hip hop instructional video. And there's a very good chance that they had an opportunity to be honest with you about what a horrible idea it was. And when you explain your vision to the camera crew that you hire, they also have an opportunity to tell you it's the worst thing they've ever heard.

But when someone has a dream (or are paying you), we're often too polite to be honest about what will surely be a disaster, ripe for mass mocking. And this is the result of surrounding yourself with people who can't be straight with you:

Props to Tiffany for finding this video!


Anonymous,  2:48 pm, April 22, 2011  

She looks like she's warming up before a soccer game.

Marsha,  12:16 am, April 23, 2011  

Ouch. Was there no one around to stop her? For some reason I picture this as a teaching video from the 22nd century, where the anthropology professor is explaining the concept of hip-hop to her class- and completely misses the point.

father of the monkey,  8:51 pm, April 23, 2011  

God - she reminds me of Steve Martin in "The Jerk" - where he thought he was black despite his skin colour and total lack of rhythm. Creepily embarrassing.

Di Smith 5:56 pm, April 25, 2011  

Oh my. That was embarrassing just to watch... Honestly, somebody give that woman a whollop.

Mrs. S 11:02 pm, April 25, 2011  

wow...just...wow. This reminds me a bit of the early '90s when the song "Jump" was everywhere for a minute. All of a sudden all the super white kids in my very rural midwestern high school had their pants on backwards. Except me. Dumbasses.

Michelle Moore 12:30 am, April 26, 2011  

Watching this makes me horribly uncomfortable.

Kallzor 11:00 am, April 26, 2011  

Have you checked out the website? It gets so much better.

Val 8:16 pm, April 29, 2011  

I had to stop the video. I couldn't handle any more of it -- the horror! Someone went and took hip hop classes at the local community centre!

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