1 Apr 2011

Overheard: Not An April Fool, Just A Regular Fool

Here's an "Overheard", for the "I Weep For The Future" category of life (but props and respect go to the quick-thinking / jerkish guy in this conversation. There is hope.).

A girl and a guy, heading from George Brown College - which means they actually graduated from high school.

Girl: Wait, so March has 31 days?

Guy: Yep.

Girl: Every year?

Guy: Yep.

Girl: Since when?

Guy: Since always!

Girl: Ok, but I thought the rule was that if the month's name is short - like March or May or June - it only had 30 days. Big months like November and December have 31 days.

Guy: Uh, no.

Girl: Crap! Please tell me there's a September 31st! I just sent some post-dated cheques to my landlord!

Guy: *Pauses* Just kidding! April Fool's!

Girl: OMG! You totally got me! I was this close to calling my landlord and making an ass of myself!

Girl: *Pauses* Ok, so there is a September 31st?

Guy: Oh, definitely.


Anonymous,  4:38 pm, April 01, 2011  

I've heard dumber than that near the University by my house.

The Gentle Mom 1:41 am, April 02, 2011  

There's an entire episode of Parks and Recreation centered around this. April thinks there are only 30 days in March, so she schedules all the meetings her boss doesn't want to have for March 31. She thinks she's pulled one over on everybody until March 31 actually arrives, and her boss has 93 meetings. It's much funnier than I just made it sound. :)

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