14 Jul 2011

Fruit or Flowers

That, according to old-timey gift guides, is what you're supposed to receive  / give for a fourth wedding anniversary.

And, hey, today is our fourth anniversary!

So, will these flowers do?

They even came with a free gift with purchase:

Eeee! Patrick just picked up the keys. It's officially ours.

Now how soon do you think it will be before I accidentally kill those roses? Place your bets, people!


Karen 6:51 pm, July 14, 2011  

Congratulations - it looks like a really cute place! And Happy Anniversary!

Erin,  9:07 pm, July 14, 2011  

I love this blog and trust me it' s hard to kill some rose bushes. We moved into our house and they are still here and I haven't done anything with them. But they keep growing and they are beautiful! Congratulations on your beautiful home and making it to four years, I am jus ton 7 months and your blog helps me out and gives me a laugh about things. Thank you for bringing me entertainment!

JJ McClanahan 1:15 pm, July 17, 2011  

You won't kill them unless you try to make them better. Don't do anything to them and they'll be fine! What a cute house, you totally need a few big potted geraniums on either side of the stairs.

Proudlady101,  7:54 pm, July 21, 2011  

Hi Jen(but never Jenn) Your house is beautiful! Keep putting up your blogs, they are extremely funny. Love your 50s blog. It tells us not everything was peachy! I would love to see you try other lifestyles. Keep bringing the laughs
All the best

Proudlady101,  7:58 pm, July 21, 2011  

I love your new house!I can see in the future "Enter if you dare!" Written on it. I just started reading yourr blogs and love them! Also the rose bushes are cute. But flowers never lasted long anyway. One time my boyfriend gave me flowers in 2 days they died. But thats what plastic flowers are for!
All the best

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