11 Oct 2011

Bangs And Thick Hair Are Great ...

... but sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I look *just like* Mandy Patinkin from The Princess Bride.

At least it starts each day with a laugh. For Patrick.


jenesoftd 12:17 pm, October 11, 2011  

I've never been more glad that I have only five fingers on my right hand...

Anonymous,  12:25 pm, October 11, 2011  

"...You killed my father..."

Patrick (husband of the monkey?),  12:51 pm, October 11, 2011  

And I am quite thankful that your mustache is not as fully formed as Inigo Montoya's. Mwah!

Jess,  2:49 pm, October 12, 2011  

The great news is that your Halloween costume should be a cinch.

Jen 1:48 pm, October 14, 2011  

Jess - you are a genius. So. Happening.

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