11 May 2012

Thank You

You guys are beyond lovely. You're more awesome than all the cupcakes and zombies and bacon in the world (although I've been told that burritos are the new bacon. Rest assured, you're better than all of those too).

Thank you.

My gift to you is to not predictably include a Dido or Alanis Morissette song in this post, rather to include one that is just simply fantastic that I hope you enjoy:
Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


father of the monkey,  9:42 am, May 11, 2012  

Ah Jen. You have such class. I saw the Alanis Morrisset reference and thought - "You Ought to Know", featuring the raging wolverine monster "hell hath no fury" woman - but, no. You would have posted an actual Thank You video. You ARE great and maybe not so predictable.
We'll see you soon.
I also want to thank your readers for their kind posts. The internet isn't so very impersonal after all.

Anonymous,  10:48 am, May 11, 2012  

I'm so glad you're finding the support you need and deserve, even if it is from a bunch of internet weirdos :-)

Anonymous,  12:46 pm, May 11, 2012  

Have a great weekend, Jen.

Karen 3:28 pm, May 12, 2012  

Jen! I am so sorry to learn of this news. We`ve never met, but I feel like I know you from reading this blog for the last few years. You seem like a really good person and you deserve to be supported and happy. Take care and thank YOU for all the entertainment you provide.

doctor T 2:57 pm, May 14, 2012  

Been thinking of you Jen. Hope every day gets a little bit brighter.

Piroska 7:20 am, June 25, 2012  

What a lovely, wistful song, thanks for sharing that. Hope things are going ok for you, you seem like a really funny, interesting person and your blog is awesome xxx

Craig Bones 7:53 am, March 12, 2018  

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