3 Dec 2010

Dear Future Clients

I had a meeting yesterday with a web designer who wanted to bring me in to write some copy for his client. We naturally ended up chatting about what the client was like. She's thankfully a keeper (clear communicator, values your time, doesn't think anything comes for free), and was nothing like the client he had previously worked with. Nearly one hour and a major vent session later, I left, thankful that I hadn't come across the toad he had.

I can't remember if I posted this before, but it's worth posting again. If you're the kind of person who thinks you can haggle the invoice after you already agreed to the quote - even though you are actually happy with the work or product you received, please, please, please watch this. And after having watched it, if don't see the error of your ways? Please, please, please never contact me:

In other news, I met with some other people yesterday as well - the executive producers and writers of Being Erica! Jana Sinyor and Aaron Martin were good enough to let me barge in on their Season 4 planning (Eee!) and interview them for this blog. Expect to see that early next week!


Brassy 12:26 pm, December 03, 2010  

Love the video clip! That situation happens a lot with graphic design stuff, too.

Anonymous,  5:25 pm, December 03, 2010  

I don't get some people.

How did you end up talking to the Being Erica writers?! Looking forward to that article!

TeenyGozer 1:38 pm, December 04, 2010  

I used to work at an ad agency that was pretty much put out of business by clients exactly like that.

Jen 8:16 pm, December 07, 2010  

Yes ... graphic design, agency, consulting ... somehow, we attracts bad clients now and again! Bah.

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