15 Sept 2011

I Hope That When We're Old, Grey, And Trying To Figure Out The Jet Packs, Patrick Will Still Like My Boobs


SkyMommy 3:14 pm, September 15, 2011  

This video made me smile so much. I really hope Joel and I are like that when we're old too. And I hope he still likes my boobies. Hehe!

Lauren Wayne 9:48 pm, September 23, 2011  

Aw, the last part made me gooey inside. This is JUST what it's like whenever we try to Skype with my mother-in-law, minus the boobs talk.

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack 7:18 am, November 17, 2011  

I loved this when it came out; and still do!!! Seriously reminded me of my mother, my FIL, and my grandparents.

Rose Blackpink 11:56 pm, January 21, 2019  

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