7 Sept 2011

They Missed One

The CBC is turning 75 and there are a bunch of commercials featuring random Canadians recalling the best moments of CBC broadcasting. It's a good thing they didn't catch me on the street, because I know precisely which moment I'd be shouting over and over again like someone off their Tourettes meds:

Looking back, it seems so tame, but envision it's 1992 when the hardest thing heard on TV was "damn", you're 13, and you're watching the network that brought you such bad-ass programming as Road to Avonlea and The Edison Twins. Oh, and you're sitting next to your mom. This is how everyone experienced the moment that Caitlinso clearly said, ""TESSA CAMPANELLI! YOU WERE FUCKING TESSA CAMPANELLI?" It was epic. Ep-ic. The next day, everyone had to admit the shameful secret that they actually watched Degrassi so we could all lose our minds over what we just saw.

And it's a line that probably still wouldn't make the cut on American networks, as you can see from this compilation of hilariously horrible "clean" for-TV edits made to classic movie lines:

Much love to the Mr. Falcon CBC!


Karen 10:52 pm, September 07, 2011  

TOTALLY. I'm pretty sure my mom WAS in the room when that aired. *Awkward*

Lor 11:26 pm, September 07, 2011  

You should start some sort of campaign to have a You Were Fucking Tessa Campanelli commerical made. I'd totally support you.

Chorna 2:46 am, September 08, 2011  

Haha...! Amazing stuff. I hate it when they simply CUT OUT the scene. One minute they're talking about something, the next they're concluding it and they missed out the interesting banter in between.

The word verification word today was: "neemenes"!

uberviolet 3:06 pm, September 08, 2011  

Haha, this was one of the greatest and most scandalizing tv moments of my young life. That and seeing Joey Jeremiah's bare ass.

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