28 Feb 2012

Vintage Dream Home Decor Inspiration x3

Hello! The good people at the UK-based Appliances Online have asked if I could link to their Smeg appliances in exchange for my weight in Marmite and warm beer. I've long loved the retrodorableness of Smeg, so it was a corporate whoring made in heaven.

Who's ready for some vapid consumerism?! I AM. I swear I didn't spend this much time looking at things I wanted to buy before Pinterest came along. Now, looking at lovely things has practically become my hobby (and thanks to today's sponsored post, it's also my job. How great is that?).

One of my reoccurring fantasies is that if I won the lottery (I'm talking about All-That-Is-Wrong-With-The-World money), I'd buy one of those old homes in the Annex that has been split into several apartments and renovate each unit to reflect a different decade. I'd then rent out the apartments temporarily to professionals looking to do period photo or film shoots, or to people who wanted to host a fun dinner party or bridal / baby shower with a retro-ish theme.

SAD FACT: As you can see, I've actually spent time coming up with a business model to support my fantasy - because even in my dreams there is no way in hell, regardless of how rich we ever were, that Patrick would let me buy a million dollar house just to decorate for "funzies". I don't entirely blame him; I doubt I'd be jazzed to purchase a home that would pay homage to his interests. The Manchester United House of Hot Dogs would have to wait until after my ashes were scattered.

But anyway, BACK TO ME AND MY IMPORTANT POST. If I had three apartments to decorate, I think I would do Art Deco 1930s, Wartime '40s, and Mid-Century 1950s (that last one's a total surprise, right?). I'd obviously want to track down original pieces from those periods to put into the apartments, but realistically (and possibly safer in a health and fire hazard kind of way) I'd also snag vintage-inspired pieces, especially when it came to appliances.

So - wanna see what I'm what I've been up to today while I was "working from home"?:

1930s Art Deco Home Decor Inspiration (I'm down with the pinks in this era):

1. 1930s K.E.M. Weber Lounge Chair - 1stDibs
2. Jacques Adnet Mirrored Coffee Table - 1stDibs
3. Pink French Boudoir Chair - 1stDibs
4. Walnut and Chrome Fold-Out Bar - L.A. Vintage Furnishings on Etsy
5. Silver-plated Champagne Bucket on Fluted Stand - Newel
6. San Francisco Fox Theater 1930s Rug - Art Deco Collection
7. October 1930 issue of Vogue Magazine - ParisVogueBazaar on eBay
8. Bagley Grantham Pink Glass Clock & Vase Garniture Set - Art of Glass on eBay
9. 1930s Pink Petal Chandelier - richardshorse on eBay

Wartime 1940s Decor (went with lots of yellowy-creams and deep greens):
1. Handmade Curtains, Early 1940s Fabric - Eva Wagenfish Emporium on Etsy
2. Edward Wormly Chanel Back Club Chair - 1stDibs
3. 1940s Walnut Desk Lamp - 3xJacks on eBay
4. Smeg FAB10LP Fridge Freestanding Cream - Appliances Online
5. Airline 1940s Tube Radio - iOffers
6. KitchenAid Mixer in Almond Cream - Sears
7. October 1942 issue of Ladies' Home Journal - Papergoy on eBay
8. Green Vinyl 1940s Wingback Chair - InValuable

Mid-Century 1950s Decor Inspiration (blues and reds called out to me!):

1. Smeg Right Hand Hinge FAB28QV1 Fridge Freestanding - Appliances Online (I'm torn on the colour! I like them all! Which could you choose?)
2. Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book - Iowa Book Farm on eBay
3. 1955 Hide-A-Bed (vintage ad from my collection)
4. Walnut Mid-Century Bedroom Dresser - GUFF
5. Federal Glass Amoeba Pitcher - Fab Five Friends on eBay
6. Marco Zanuso Wingback Chair - ICollectAntiques.com
7. 1950s Blue Burst Wall-Papered Drum Shade - Fondue on Etsy
8. Vintage Paint-by-Numbers Artwork - Nomar on eBay
9. Olivetti Underwood Lettera 22 Portable Typewriter - Jacklom3 on Etsy

And this doesn't fit into any era accurately (although it has a lovely 1950s vibe) but I'd want it in ALL of these apartments: the Smeg washing machine. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? It is killing me with cuteness:
Ok - so, if money was no object, what would you put in your vintage-inspired dream home? Which era turns your design crank the most?


Karen 6:46 pm, February 28, 2012  

Wow wow wow! I really love your picks! I would have thought I liked 1950s the most, but there's something about the 1940s decor you've selected that is really charming. Oh - and I now have a new Smeg product to obsess over - that washing machine!

JacquiG 10:09 pm, February 28, 2012  

It's funny you posted this. About a week ago I was wandering around Southworks Antiques in Cambridge thinking that I could probably get most of the things I'd need to furnish a home there, but what era would I choose. I wasn't thinking as big as you, I was thinking about decorating different rooms in different eras ... but I couldn't decide. I like things from Victorian/Edwardian eras, pioneer times, art deco, 30s and 40s. I'd need a big house to decorate that many rooms!!;p

Vivianne 11:18 pm, February 28, 2012  

Our house is a mix of mid-century modern (mostly sixties), a 1900-ish hutch, a shabby chic dining table with 1950s diner chairs, contemporary/modern beds, and a very few ikea pieces for our daughter's room. So, I don't think you really have to pick a favorite - although I love your idea! I just like to match unexpected pieces, but tie them all down with a similar color scheme (green and purple in the living room, red/turquoise/pink in dining area, yellow/red in kitchen).
I am dying to get a SMEG fridge - even though we live in a rental home, fridge provided. Because of the kitchen set-up, the fridge is directly visible from the living room walk-through, so a prettier version would be much appreciated. For the same reason, I guess I would go with the green (mint?), and adapt the rest of my kitchen to that.

Anonymous,  1:33 pm, February 29, 2012  

I love these kinds of posts. Oh stuff, how I adore thee.

Sara 7:27 pm, February 29, 2012  

Thank you for including my Typewriter among your awesome finds! your profile description is great :)

Jennifer 10:59 am, March 16, 2012  

I LOVE the chairs and the fold out bar. I've been thinking we need some kind of awesome fold out bar. There's no particular decade that stands out to me but I'm not really into home decor. I don't think it's at all weird you think about how to spend lottery winnings - my mom and I also do that. What's weird is that I plan how my first red carpet movie premier will go even though I have yet to write a book that will be turned into a screenplay.

Anonymous,  11:19 am, June 12, 2012  

Great pictures! Check out krumpets home decor

Carol,  11:33 am, March 16, 2015  

Hey Jen, love the idea of having a house of different apartment periods! One of my friends and I, when trying to get over work stress (naughtily, while still at work!) sometimes daydream of opening an entire 50s inspired holiday village (obviously having won the 250-week-mega-rollover-biggest-ever-lottery win!), complete with period style shops, cinema, dance hall, park with bandstand (not sure if they were as big in the 50s in Canada as they were here in the UK). All the houses furnished in period style (as in, with stuff from the 20s, 30s, 40s, etc in them too, cos we never threw anything away in those days), with period kids books, radios which only play programmes of the time and so on. Then, once we'd build this wonderful place, we'd go and live there. Full time :) Gotta have a dream, don't you?Carol

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