31 Oct 2005

Because We Suck

This whole Halloween thing completely snuck up on me. New job has my brain preoccupied in new, horrible ways so when my friends called me Saturday to see if I was coming out with them for dress-up goodness, I was blindsided by the nearness of Oct 31 and that whole concept of "fun."

Because I just can't pass-up an opportunity that has grown-ups using their imaginations and a willingness to look silly or funny or horrible (and slutty! So many girls do slutty!) in public on purpose - I ran around my place as quickly as possible and pulled an outfit together so I could join in.

Something to know about me: I love the whole 50s housewife culture. I find it fascinating. And sometimes, I find it fun to bid on on eBay. So, because of said fetish, I was able to become a 50s housewife lickity-split. Anyway, I met up with Siobhan, Jaimie and Tina and we drank lots of lychee martinis and champaign and went to Rec Room where we met Nils and Anissa. Pics will follow.

Today I was blindsided again by Halloween as it is actually today and I'm reminded that Halloween isn't just about dressing up as a sexy kitty or "Hunter S. Thompson After Having Been Blown Out Of A Canon" and getting trashed. There are a bunch of cute little kidlets out around neighbourhood begging for goodies. And guess which house is going to get egged? That's right, our grumpy-ass home which is candy-less and has its porch light off because we never even thought to care. We suck badly.

Maybe if I pretend this wine that I'm drinking is blood, the Great Pumpkin won't wield its ugly wrath our way.

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