9 Oct 2005

A Lapse

It’s been a few days since I last blogged (sorry), although it hasn’t been for lack of interest but largely lack of time. I also have something a bit big going on (good big!) that I need to hold off on posting about for the moment and that certain something is part of the reason why I’m so busy right now.

Anyway, here’s a little recap of what’s been going down between Wednesday and today:

  • Celebrities seen in person: 3
  • Delicious potluck dinners had with friends from high school: 1
  • Dreams that involved Buffy characters: 3
  • Dreams that involved Rob Schneider: 0
  • Instances I realized it was too damn cold to wear open-toe shoes anymore: 3
  • Instances I didn't care because my open toes are too darn cute: 2
  • Conversations with my parents: 2
  • Times I heard don’t just think outside the box, there is no box”: 3
  • Times I wanted to start kicking nuts: 3
  • Career decisions made: 1
  • Tears shed while laughing at Jon Stewart’s performance at Massey Hall: 7
  • Lovely guests that had to endure our Futon From Hell: 2
  • Times Jim from Martha Apprentice was captured making his ‘I’m disgusted’ face: 4
  • Times Martha kicked ass by overruling the boardroom nominees: 1
  • Instances I overheard a conversation that included “It’s been a while since I took biology, but I’m pretty sure that birds get a visit from Aunt Flo too”: 1
  • Drinks had: 17 (AA anyone?)
  • Weight Watcher Points Consumed: I AM FUCKED?
All caught up?


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