3 Oct 2005

The TTC Has Become My Sworn Enemy

Pretend you have some place to go. Some place new. Some place that you absolutely must be at by 2pm. Pretend you rely on the Toronto Transit Commission. If you’re me, this means that you need to leave wayyy earlier than you should because, without fail, the TTC will FUCK YOU OVER.

Ways in which the transit system tried to sabotage me today:
* Had to wait for my connecting subway for about 5 minutes (average is about 1 to 2 minutes)
* The fucking subway STOPPED SERVICE and unloaded everyone at Runnymede Station. Once we all got off the subway, we had to wait about 7 minutes for a new one to come get us
* The subway did an exaggerated pause at Old Mill station. Sitting us there for 4 minutes (average is about 15 seconds)
* Got to my transfer station (Islington) and SURPRISE! I missed the bus I intended by catch by 2 minutes
* Had to wait 20 minutes for another bus
* Once the bus came, the driver went on his break. In other words, I got to stand there, looking at my watch every 2 seconds while waiting for the bus that was idling right in front of me to get a driver
* Because the subway was ‘double filled’, so was the bus. This meant that every other stop had people ‘dinging’ to get off. This = time

The end result? I reached the doors of my intended destination with 6 minutes to spare (ie: exactly on time, but god, did I ever stress out). Had I had my way with all the early-leaving, I would have got there half an hour early, but would have spent that time in the lobby preening my hair, thinking of nice things to say and calming the fuck down.

I need a car.


Anonymous,  6:05 pm, October 03, 2005  

Ohmygod, Jen. I'm glad you made it on time. I'm sure you kicked muchos ass. (mucho? muchos?)

Jen 7:14 pm, October 03, 2005  

Aww - thanks for the faith, Val. We'll see, I guess. Otherwise, good batting practice for me. :)

Anonymous,  9:39 am, October 04, 2005  

yes i hope it went well and glad u made it. U DONT NEED A CAR! I feel ya on the TTC issues but driving is a whole other set of hassles in Toronto that make the TTC look welcoming..... PARKING being the big one. I think about when I had my jeep and I feel myself losing hair.

Anonymous,  8:48 pm, October 12, 2005  

True, a car is nice to have, but just think of the parking nightmare that is TO! Plus the monthly payments, the insurance, the gas. Blah!
But, then again it is an extra place to keep your shoes :)

It worked out in the end. Yay Jen.

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