21 Nov 2005

And The Winner Is ....

... it's a tie!

This weekend was a lovely blend of sloth and 'doing stuff' - so I'm pleased.

I managed to:
* Tidy up the place
* See my good friend Will for brunch
* Do a bunch of things for a spreadsheet for work
* Take a longish walk during the beautiful weather we had yesterday
* Pick up a couple things at Shoppers (my middle name should be "Optimumpoints")
* Wear real, non-stretchy pants the bulk of the time
* Order in
* Pay my bills

I managed to not:
* See Harry Potter (boo)
* Go to the gym
* Do real grocery shopping
* Get up early
* Look attractive
* Avoid catching bits of TBS movies (Legally Blonde, this week!)

All in all, a good weekend.


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