19 Nov 2005

A Challenge

The weekend has arrived. This is always good, but as always, the weekend brings on the epic battle of my being: The Struggle of Opportunity vs Sloth.

Opportunity means:
* Sewing the buttons on my now much needed winter jacket
* Looking for a new shirt I’m interested in
* Cleaning the home
* Going to the grocery shopping
* Heading to the gym
* Seeing Harry Potter

Sloth time means:
* Avoiding all of the above except maybe the Harry Potter movie
* Letting my gut hang out and grow
* Wearing stretchy pants
* Watching whatever movie TBS decides to rerun for the millionth time
* Ordering in
* Not leaving the house, except maybe to purchase alcohol and/or candy

Which will win? Will Sloth continue its 84-week winning streak? Stay tuned to find out!


Anonymous,  11:58 am, November 19, 2005  

I vote sloth it up! I wish for beer and candy.

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