8 Nov 2005

Oh, Right ... Tuesday!

Ok, so ... I have not gained "TEN FUCKING POUNDS" but I have gained, all the same. This sucks, but was totally deserving because I didn't actually do much in the way of weight gain prevention let alone weight loss promotion. My bad.

I'd love to blame Patrick for this, as he continues to bring home chips on a weekly basis, but it's not like he forces them into a feed bag and straps it on my face. No, I do it to myself and need to smarten the fuck up. I need to just snap out of it and stick to the bigger, long-term priority over the short-term yummy, lazy, fatty pigfest known at our place as Saturday and Sunday.

Yesterday, I joined the gym. The money I dropped will not be revealed here, but it was sick. Tomorrow, I plan to actually go forth and use this gym membership. I just need to do SOMETHING, and the gym that is 2 minutes away from work is a hard thing to ignore (ha, who am I kidding, I RULE at ignoring obligation and work). But I will go. I need to form a habit, that for once, is actually positive and healthy, rather than those that make my breath stinky and my thighs expansive.


doctor T 4:53 pm, November 09, 2005  

Good for you Jen. I have been going to the gym but then feeling as though I deserve a bottle of wine as a reward. Oops.

Jen 10:49 pm, November 09, 2005  

Thanks, Treava! Back at you! :)

Anonymous,  1:14 am, November 17, 2005  

Don't you get a free gym membership through your work? Didn't Foxy say that once?

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