8 May 2011

A Glimpse Into Another World

I love it when people leave a message even though it's clear that they've dialed the wrong number. My voicemail is in my actual voice and says my actual name - unlike that voicemail robot that so many people use - and yet, I got this message recently. Please read this in your head (or outloud! I approve of outloud narration!) in a Jamaican accent:

Hey, der, Jeromy. It's Chad. Heeeey. So, I'm callin' 'bout what we talked 'bout earlier. You betta' not be avoidin' me, now. I know you just saw me. You was on da street and I was at Bat'urst and Bloor. On da bus, but still. We locked eyes, mon. You was dair and I was dair. You call me now. Yes, you call me now. You know what's next. Buh-bye.
I stupidly erased it, but for next time, does anyone know how to transfer a voicemail into an MP3? I need to get these online so you can appreciate the cool aggressiveness in this man's voice should he call "Jeromy" again.

And Jeromy? Dude, get the fuck out of town! I don't know what you did, I don't know what you "talked 'bout earlier" but I know it ain't good. Run, run, run while you still have legs, mon.


Anonymous,  8:24 pm, May 11, 2011  

I don't know how to transfer a voicemail to MP3, but I'd pay to her that conversation. Here's hoping you get another message - and that Jeromy remains safe.

Anonymous,  10:23 pm, May 11, 2011  

"We locked eyes, mon. You was dair and I was dair."

This needs to be the catchphrase of 2011!

Jess,  10:31 pm, May 11, 2011  

I think you do need the MP3 - without it the voicemail comes across to me as a jilted lover in an on-again-off-again relationship.

Kim,  12:14 am, May 12, 2011  

Your "Overheards" are among the best told OH's on the web. So funny.

father of the monkey,  10:24 am, May 12, 2011  

Is it worth $30 to save 120 minutes of voicemails as MP3's?

If so ... http://voicemailsforever.com/

Anonymous,  8:44 pm, May 14, 2011  

Yes, those kind of messages can be really strange and disconcerting. We once had a guy call and leave a message for his parents, then called again a day or two later wondering why they hadn't returned his call!

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