31 May 2011

Jury Panel ...

... is nothing like this:

Well, no shit. It's at night and there isn't a jury. Why the hell did you think jury panel would be like Night Court? And did you really think Dan would be there?

Quiet, you.

No, if there was a sitcom about jury panel it would be of a waiting room where ... nothing happens. It's a room filled with of a couple hundred people, all bored out of their skull. Someone would turn the page of their book, someone else would cough, someone would get up to use the washroom and everyone would watch them walk by. (Cue the laugh track.) That said, it would still be more entertaining than any Chuck Lorre sitcom.

So far, none of us has seen the inside of a courtroom, with the exception of us all having watched the extremely dated 1982-ish era instructional video on our first day that explained how the court system worked. The only thing I paid attention to was the big hair and shoulder pads of the women in that video. So, in that sense, it has been a little bit like Night Court, in the Markie Post fashion department sense.

Sigh. Why can't civic duty come with wi-fi? Or magazines that were printed after 2002? Or cake? I'd take cake.

No shit.

Quiet, you.


K2 10:00 pm, May 31, 2011  

This probably isn't enough reason to move, but.... You should move to Washington State. Specifically, Snohomish County. Our jury duty is only 1 week, or 1 case. The jury room has wi-fi. I did jury duty in March and it only lasted 1 day because the case was easy. The only bummer part was that the case was so short I didn't get a chance to goof around much and use the wi-fi.

Anonymous,  2:34 pm, June 01, 2011  

That's so strange that they wouldn't call anyone in. It wasn't that way at all here - and it certainly didn't last all week! No wonder people try to skip out of jury duty!

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