3 Jun 2011

This is Meta, Right?

You may recall a post I did a few weeks ago about a strange and wonderful voicemail accidentally left for me from a sorta-threatening Jamaican dude named Chad trying to reach a guy named Jeromy.

And then I recently got this postcard in my mailbox:

On the reverse:

For a split second, I was super confused. How could Chad get the wrong phone number and the wrong address? ... And then I started to get concerned. And then I remembered my sister went to Hawaii for her honeymoon. And then I remembered that I'm an idiot. And then I remembered that everyone in my family is hilarious and always willing to take a joke to the next bizarro level.

Well done, Melanie, well done.


Meg G 3:41 pm, June 03, 2011  

I just laughed so hard I almost choked. What an amazing follow up.

JJO-SBD 4:14 pm, June 03, 2011  

Oh, that is soooo hilarious!!! My husband does stuff like this all the time. He once laid out all of his clothes on his bed, even had his headphones laying on the pillow like they were on his head to make his sister think that the end of the world had come and she got left behind!

Kudos to your sister!

Meghan,  4:53 pm, June 03, 2011  

The best part about it was probably the fact that she must have known you'd blog about the initial voicemail; so awesome, dat sista of yours

Father of the monkey,  10:20 pm, June 04, 2011  

Credit where credit is due - I think it is the newly formed, Team Kampala that put this together. Your family got both larger AND more hilarious!

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