9 Jun 2011

Change Rooms for Dummies

Signs that Someone is in a Change Room:
  1. The door is closed.
  2. The door is locked.
  3. There are hangers on the door.
  4. You can see a shadow moving about.
  5. There's a voice inside embarrassingly singing along to the Phil Collins song that is playing on the store's speakers.
  6. The voice suddenly stops mid-Sussudio to yelp, "Someone's in here!" when you repeatedly try the handle (funny how you didn't bother to knock first).
  7. If you're unable to bust the door down (despite a great effort!) and it suddenly opens, revealing an annoyed and hastily dressed person inside, SOMEONE IS IN THE CHANGE ROOM, YOU FUCKING SAVAGE.
Seems I can never go to Winners without an incident ...


Vancouver's Enviro Girl 2:40 pm, June 09, 2011  

This is exactly why I don't use public washrooms either :)

So Very Domestic 2:45 pm, June 09, 2011  

I have had this happen to me. With repeated 'there's someone in here' shreaking, why do they keep trying the door?!

Anonymous,  7:29 pm, June 09, 2011  

Sometimes I think those people - and their public washroom counterparts - secretly want to see others with their pants down. Nasty pervs!

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