10 Jun 2011

If I Ever Have A Son ...

... may he be a gay son. Because this is far, far more enjoyable to watch than any lame Little League game (but he can do that too if he wants):

ME AT NINE, PERFORMING TO MADONNA IN SUMMER '91! from Robert Jeffrey on Vimeo.


brooke @ claremont road 6:15 pm, June 10, 2011  

I love this kid. A friend sent me this video earlier and I couldn't stop smiling.

Anonymous,  12:23 am, June 12, 2011  

OK...completely not related to this post...BUT I just saw the funniest hotdog sculpture (food) from a 1970's weight watchers magazine...You should find humor in this!!!

Diana,  2:03 pm, June 13, 2011  

Seriously. Great. That boy's got the moves.Let's hope he hung onto that hip swing.

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