23 Aug 2011

A Colourful Post

As the title suggests, this blog post is going to filled with the most filthy, adolescent, trashy, pearl-clutching language ever...

Or just a picture of my motherfucking salad:

A super colourful salad! It's watermelon, cucumber, lime juice, fresh mint and just a sprinkle of pink salt to tie it all together. It's like summer in a bowl - and now, summer is in my stomach.

I have still been at this mostly vegan, mostly raw business. The result thus far? Eight fatty pounds down, son! It actually would have been more had I not given in to the siren's call of wine and cake and hamburger and chips at a recent event, but, whatev. Now and again, crap is good for the soul.

The aforementioned event was my friend Siobhan's daughter's 2nd birthday. And because I am AWESOME and because I am CHEAP crafty, I made Charlotte a gift of homemade playdoughs.

 But these aren't ordinary playdoughs! Not only did I use some rather uppity natural food dyes, I also scented each dough wad with the most wonderful food-grade aromatherapy oils ever. Living Libations makes some of the best smelling oils and beauty products as well as yummy raw chocolate so 'buzzworthy' it was mistaken for hash at the Toronto airport. The goodies are made by a hard-working hippie couple operating out of beautiful lake country Ontario, so I like the added bonus that it's localish.

Anyhoo - I made lavender, peppermint, lime, cinnamon, lemon, and tangerine playdoughs. This is really one of the rare moments that I wish you could take a whiff of my surroundings. You'd have a nosegasm.

Charlotte's reaction to them was great and she basically stuck her face in each container and snorted them like an adorable cokehead. I point that out not only to emphasize how amazeballs me and my gifts are, but when the opportunity arises to use the phrase "adorable cokehead", you take it.


Anonymous,  3:37 pm, August 23, 2011  

What a clever idea (for the salad and the clay)! I've heard of Living Libations but have never ordered.... maybe I need to check them out again.

Anonymous,  4:09 pm, August 23, 2011  

Do you have recipes for both the salad and the playdough?

The Gentle Mom 5:06 pm, August 23, 2011  

Right now I'm wishing you would make me a salad and my kid some play doh. Please?

Karen 5:30 pm, August 23, 2011  

Mmm. I want that motherfucking salad now too.

Jen 9:26 pm, August 23, 2011  

Thanks, everybody!

Anon 2 - This is basically the recipe I use for playdough. This amount made enough for three containers' worth (they're the magnetic spice tins from Ikea) - http://mommyfootprint.com/the-perfect-home-made-play-dough-recipe/

The salad I just threw together ... it was half a mini round watermelon (but you can use whatever watermelon you like!), a full organic cucumber (if not using organic, peel the skin) - both diced into pieces roughly the same size and dumped in a bowl. I chopped up a few tablespoons worth of fresh mint into the bowl and squeezed half a lime over it all. Grabbed a pinch of pink Himalayan salt and sprinkled it on top. Toss. Eat. Repeat.

Anonymous,  10:00 pm, August 23, 2011  

I want to eat the play dough and mold the salad (i mean isn't that what the fifties kid and housewife would do?)

Hello Jodi 1:16 pm, August 24, 2011  

Congrats on the weight loss! And it's good to do a cycling with weight loss, I say. However many days "on," then a day "off." It's good for the soul and metabolic adaptation. It's science!

Susan 3:59 pm, August 24, 2011  

Jen you are brilliant! I LOVE the idea of scented playdough although if I make it for my niece and nephews they may just eat it...smells like food, they are pigs - voila! May steal anyway...not my kids.

Salad sounds tasty, I like the summer in a bowl description, we need all the summer over here we can get.

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