26 Aug 2011

Overheard: TV Relationships and More Weeping For the Future

While waiting for the streetcar at Broadview Station. Two possible co-workers are standing ahead of me in a conversation:

Young woman in pink blouse (YWIPB):  You know what I always wondered? Why didn't Ross and Monica ever get together?

Woman in pencil skirt (WIPS): Because that would have been incestuous.

YWIPB: Whatever! That whole show was incestuous! Rachel and Ross, Joey and Rachel, Chandler and Monica ...

WIPS: No, I mean, it would have literally been incestuous.

YWIPB: Wait ... I'm talking about the TV show, Friends, not a book! What are you thinking of?

WIPS (and me): Oh my God ...


Anonymous,  6:00 pm, August 26, 2011  

'Oh My God' is right. LOL.

Meghan,  8:01 pm, August 26, 2011  

WWJLPD? (What would Jean Luc Picard do?) ::facepalm::

Marlene,  1:29 pm, August 29, 2011  

Yes.. indeed OMG, I do sometimes have to bite my tongue to the point it's almost bleeding, I work in a school district ( not a teacher) -Missouri
And many times I had to stop myself from sending back an e-mail to the sender with the edited version of it; to think these people have Masters degree teaching our kids and have *red ink* power on them !! and imagine I am a wee one french Canuck from up north..(doesn't get any more outcast in the midwest).
As ugly as incestuous a gesture... kinda glad I do know what it means at least.

AngelaHolt 3:59 am, December 24, 2018  

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