11 Aug 2011

This Vegan Crap is Already Paying Off

Oh, hey, what's that, Jen? Another stolen stock photo of Saskatoon Berries? Why, no, voice-in-my-head, it's not! It's a photo *I* took. YESTERDAY. IN TORONTO.

That's right folks, fresh Saskatoon berries are in my hands (or more accurately - mouth) thanks to a wee trip to The Big Carrot. I had gone there to pick up local dinosaur kale and other goodies for a green juice and when I rounded a corner in the produce aisle, I nearly wept. Fresh, wild, non-frozen Saskatoon berries ready to put in my face. MIRACLE!

Thank you, Hippie Vegan Jesus, for guiding me to them. Because that's how Hippie Vegan Jesus spends His time and powers - inspiring fatties to go to organic markets.

Now here's the horrifying part:

"But that's for a bushel of them, right?" my prairie friends and family ask.


It turns out that Hippie Vegan Jesus is also a fan of butt crazy capitalism.


Ron,  3:35 pm, August 11, 2011  

Does your new place have a yard? Might be nice to grow them yourself...

Anonymous,  12:29 pm, August 12, 2011  

It's because you buried Jesus headfirst in a planter that you found the berries, and because you buried Jesus headfirst in a planter that they cost over $28 a kilo! What comes around goes around.

Meghan,  4:07 pm, August 13, 2011  

Baked kale leaves make really yummy "chips"!

Coookie,  12:53 pm, August 16, 2011  

Hello there!

I don't know you, but I have been reading your hilarious blog for some time. Two things:

1) I LOVE Rocket Mania, and thought it was boring to everyone else. Yay!

2) I'm in NB and there are Saskatoon Berries growing in the woods. I thought about your blog the other day while I was eating them for free. Definitely plant some if you have the space!

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