14 Nov 2005


I went to la gym this evening.

I swear I'll stop talking about the gym shortly. Either because I'll get over the fact that I'm going or because I'll have stopped going altogether. Har.

Anyway, it was another gymming by bus. Again, my hellish mode of transportation rolled by just as I was getting within sprinting distance of the stop, and since running (let alone running fast) in public goes against every jiggling fibre of my body, I accepted my fate to go get physical, physical.

The problem with going to my gym after work is that it's really busy. I despise a busy gym because you can never do exactly what you want. In an ideal world, I'd go to the particular machines I wanted in the order I wanted and spend however much time I needed complete with nice little rests between sets. Ok, actually, in an ideal world, I'd be hot and slender and would owe it all to a steady diet of Dynamite Rolls, hot dogs, Skittles and beer. So, I guess what I mean, is that in a more reality-based ideal world, going to the gym would be completely user-friendly.

Since that ain't the case around 6pm, I'm instead forced to just grab whatever machine is available, use it and pop over to another open machine in a truly non-sensical order. I'm kind of like Frogger - hopping around to the empty spaces like a big spaz except that there isn't really much of a plan or goal involved (not to suggest that Frogger's achievement of crossing the street was that sane either. Just stay in the pond, fool!).

I'm attempting to go to bed early (like, right now) so that I'll slowly train my body to be able to handle earlier morning wake-ups so that I may go to el gym before work and possible make the most of my silly workout attempts. We shall see.


Ferda 9:13 am, November 16, 2005  

what are dynamite rolls?

Keep up the gymming! I know how difficult it is to get motivated.

doctor T 4:15 pm, November 16, 2005  

Free weights are the way to go. But you do have to snag a bench and defend it with your life.

Jen 5:30 pm, November 16, 2005  

Dynamite Rolls are the world's best sushi experience. It consists of rice, avocado and shrimp fried in tempora (and sometimes wasabi mayo) - all rolled into bite-size treats. So, so, so good.

Word on the free-weights, Treava. Word indeed.

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