13 Nov 2005

You People Make Me Laugh

What you may not know about my site is that in the precious coding I’ve inserted a little program that lets me see how many people come check out the page and if they linked from another page to do so, including using web searches.

I tell you, just getting to see the truly strange and random things people Google makes blogging so worth it. It’s like having access to everyone’s dirty little secret that they dare not ask out loud.

This week, someone found my site by searching for a very bizarre thing: appetizer that looks like a tennis racquet.

I don’t know why you found my site with that search, or why you’d even want to search for something like that, you culinary kook, but I’m sorry that you didn’t find the answer to your question here. You probably landed on the post that had me in my pink tennis skirt. I can’t recall talking about appetizers in that post, but I was probably thinking about them, as always.

Hopefully this picture I found will help you, even though I think it looks kinda dumb and reminds me of the kind of 'crafty snack' we would be encouraged to make as children by that Saturday morning cartoon guy that was dressed in Western wear ("I hanker for a hunk-a, a slab, a slice a chunk-a, I hanker for a hunk-a CHEESE!"). I'm not sure what tennis-based prop the popcorn is supposed to represent, but the red ball of god-only-knows is a gourmet tennis ball. Yarg.


Anonymous,  11:23 am, November 13, 2005  

the tracking of visitors is one of my favourite things about blogging to... i like feeling like i've had a personal glimpse into someone's web habits... which probably means you know i log on to your site about 3 times a day, minimum... :Þ

Anonymous,  12:11 pm, November 13, 2005  

Where did you get said coding? That's very cool...

Jen 3:04 pm, November 13, 2005  

Ha - thanks Kudra!

Foxy - I'm using programming from StatCounter.com. It's free and easy but only retains the nitty-gritty details of the last 100 hits (which is fine for my purposes). You can opt to use the 'professional' versions that allow for a lot more data retention.

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