30 May 2011

Guess Where I'm Going This Morning?

Think I have time to swing by a convenience store in the gay village to pick up a Playgirl? Because that's actually the craziest bit about Liz Lemon's Getting Out of Jury Duty character - she's a lady with a Playgirl.

It's not that I really want to get out of jury duty - it's something I've always thought could be a neat experience. But could the timing be any more crap? I'm self-employed and swamped with work, in the midst of selling my home and just recovering from a rather nasty bout of pneumonia AND bronchitis (yep).

But most importantly, Robert Pattinson is in my neighbourhood right now shooting a film and I should really be out there stalking him.



AD,  10:25 pm, May 30, 2011  

Hee. I love Tina Fey. Good luck on jury duty!

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