28 Nov 2011

Fill in the Blank

The kisses featured on TLC's Virgin Diaries look like ________________________________.

A) A mother bird feeding a baby bird.
B) An incompetent zombie trying to gum someone, face first.
C) You. Summer camp. 1992.
D) None of the above. Write your own answer in the comments!


Tildy,  12:25 am, November 28, 2011  

I can't beat your cleverness. I can only watch in horror. Again and again.

Cat 2:33 am, November 28, 2011  

trying to suck snake venom out of his tongue?

Jess @ It's Jess! 9:59 am, November 28, 2011  

I know it's wrong of me, but watching the kissing only makes me wish I could have seen the sex-ing on the wedding night. The mental pictures my imagination is creating... it's too much! Oh God it's too much!

father of the monkey,  10:14 am, November 28, 2011  

Neither one wants the "sour apple" flavoured life saver. Last one with it has to keep it.

Repugnant Parachute,  10:23 am, November 28, 2011  


Its scary, whatever it is.

I'd like to think that MY first kiss wasn't anywhere near that gruesome.

Repugnant Parachute,  10:24 am, November 28, 2011  

Excuse me while I go look at some LOL cats to get that awful picture out of my mind..

Anonymous,  12:29 pm, November 28, 2011  

It's like one or more of them have some form of palsy.

Karen 1:39 pm, November 28, 2011  

Ugh! Sadly - I have to pick "C". Me, summer camp, 1992 - trying to kiss a boy for the first time, while mimicking what I saw in soap operas.

Anne 3:53 pm, November 28, 2011  

Why are they trying to eat each other's faces? I thought they were in love! And that weird eyelash thing at the beginning has me all kinds of creeped out. Dammit! Yet another reason for me to miss having cable. This better be available online somewhere...

B 3:58 pm, November 28, 2011  

You know, some part of me thought maybe you were exaggerating about the face eating part. But you weren't. That was the most hideous looking kissing I've ever seen.

Keeley 7:23 pm, November 28, 2011  

That is beyond nasty! What is wrong with these people????

Michelle Moore 11:33 pm, November 30, 2011  

They look like they're trying to chew on each others teeth! BLEGH!

Jen 11:28 pm, December 08, 2011  

Thanks for commenting, people!

Did any of you watch the actual show? It was even more freakish than the trailer.

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