25 Nov 2011

Peppermint Patty Is Not Amused

Yesterday I told Patrick that I was going to make something very special and rather traditional on account of American Thanksgiving. I assured him the meal would be not be from one of the vintage Thanksgiving recipes, so he was fairly pumped. Correction: VERY pumped.

He knew something weird was up when he arrived home and I was playing jazz music.

(This is only the tip of the iceberg of how funny and clever I think I am. It's sickening, really.)

Patrick enjoyed it, sort of.

Until ...

"Okay, Okay ... so what are we really having for dinner?" he said after indulging in my silliness for about a minute.

"This is it. I didn't make anything else," I said.

"Are you kidding me? This isn't a real meal."

"Patrick - be grateful. It's American Thanksgiving and I clearly slaved all day to make this," said Mrs. Laugh Riot.

I was too busy enjoying my shit-eating grin to take a picture of his reaction. He refused to "recreate" his expression, but this is pretty much exactly what he looked like:

And then, through the magic of MS Paint, I can show you what Peppermint Patrick did immediately after that:


Anonymous,  9:44 am, November 25, 2011  

Gotta love it when you bust out Paint. What a perfect Charlie Brown Thanksgiving recreation!

Anonymous,  9:47 am, November 25, 2011  

Funny. My wife and I were just reminiscing this morning about the one time we gave the kids sundaes for dinner, and another when they had lunch from a candy/snack machine. Is it really any worse than PB&J with a fruit cup?

Personally, I think your meal was right on the money. It hit all of the major food groups: dairy, grain, and er... um... corn syrup.

Missy 11:44 am, November 25, 2011  

Duh - why oh why didn't I think of that? You are one clever girl! Love your Paint skillz :)

JGR,  12:55 pm, November 25, 2011  

I'd watch a "Truman Show" type of program with you two in it. Honestly! Until then, I guess there's the blog and MS Paint.

Mallory 1:40 pm, November 25, 2011  

Hahahahaha! This is the best post I've seen on your blog so far! What a punch line, I laughed sooo much at the last frame there! You. Are. Awesome. :)

Erin,  3:56 pm, November 25, 2011  

Love as usual!

Anonymous,  4:49 pm, November 25, 2011  

You are not alone: http://theactorsdiet.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/snoopy-snacks/

Karen 7:45 pm, November 25, 2011  

I love how from reading your blog over the years that I was actually able to anticipate that Patrick would come home with hot dogs!

HurdyGurdy,  7:23 pm, November 26, 2011  

That. is. AWESOME.

Anonymous,  9:03 pm, December 04, 2011  

This is hilarious. I'd love to see you tackle some of those vintage Thanksgiving recipes one year.

Jen 11:29 pm, December 08, 2011  

Thanks, peoples. I was was highly amused with this one.

Anonymous,  8:34 am, November 26, 2014  

Jen, you are a Jenius!!!

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