14 Nov 2011

Vintage Nail Ads Again Prove That Nothing We Do Is Original

Remember that gross pointy nail trend that had women everywhere silently wondering how Fergie was able to masturbate safely? It turns out The Dutchess didn't invent the tapered talon look - your Grandma did.

I was flipping through some 1943 Ladies' Home Journals when I came across this ad from Cutex:

Yep, should the vivacious Mrs. Stringer take a break from washing dishes, I suspect those claws could totally do some damage to her lady bits.

I found an even more extreme example of the tapered nail on another page. Admittedly, this is an artist's rendering of nails - exotic "Oriental" nails at that - so I have serious doubts that anyone outside of The King and I theatre productions were sporting these in the 1940s. But what's even more surprising? Look at the colours available! Green Dragon? Blue Lagoon? Ming Yellow? Black Luster? Who knew Chen Yu had essie beat by a good 40 years?

Edit: I have no idea why the ad is appearing sideways?! Blogger is being a weirdo. Here's a right-side-up close-up of the nails and colours I mentioned:

Neat, huh?


Anonymous,  2:11 pm, November 14, 2011  

That's crazy! I never would have guessed nail polishes were so daring then! - Lisa

frodelicious 2:48 pm, November 14, 2011  

Thus, the invention of the vibrator.

Karen 5:50 pm, November 14, 2011  

That second ad is CREEPY.

MMM,  10:13 pm, November 14, 2011  

How cool that Grandma might have worn blue nail polish as a young woman! Love these finds, Jen.

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