4 Nov 2011

Further Proof I Might Not Be Cut Out For Parenthood

So you know how I was all I Am Childfree, Hear Me Roar (and Then Smugly Sleep In Late In A Bed Stuffed With Disposable Income) in my last post? Well, despite all that, I still like to indulge in the very fun pastime of coming up with kid names now and then. Yep, I'm the worst. THE. WORST.

Even though we don't know if we want to have children, can you all please respect that I've called dibs on a name? The inspiration came to us from an email found in my spam folder - and, I think you'll agree, it's simply the best name ever:

Bambi Jesus Byck. Or "BJ" Byck for short.

It is perfection and it's overtaken my previous choice - a name comprised of our favourite things: Nutella HotDog Byck (or "Nut Weiner Dick" as he / she would surely be called on the playground).


Anonymous,  3:58 pm, November 04, 2011  

I always read your last name as "Bike". So it's "Bick"? Yeah, you could have fun with Bad Baby Names with that one.

MMM,  7:57 pm, November 04, 2011  

Bambi Jesus Saves!

Blair Frodelius 10:30 am, November 05, 2011  

We honestly came very close to naming our first, Holcomb Gumby Frodelius. Later name choices (unused) were Semper Frodelius and Adeste Frodelius. I still think Adeste is a beautiful name. Our oldest girl's middle name is Ozma.

Anonymous,  12:51 pm, November 06, 2011  

Why limit yourself to just one awesome name? I foresee *twins* Bambi Jesus and Nutella HotDog in your future!

father of the monkey,  12:59 pm, November 06, 2011  

Did we ever tell you that, had you been born a boy, we would have named you either Kerry or Dylan?

You would probably have gotten beat up every day at school.

Jen 3:56 pm, November 09, 2011  

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

Yep. Our last name is pronounced "Bick". As is dick, sick, lick, prick ... all the good words!

Blair: Gumby. Amazing.

Anon: Twins? You are banished for making such a scary suggestion. ;)

Dad: I really like the name Dylan. Kerry ... well ... I like it for a girl!

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