4 Jan 2012

Good Morning, Good Morning To Yoooooou

I'm still kinda feeling flu-y, so I've been conking out early each evening. Last night Patrick assured me, "don't worry about it. You need your sleep. I'll do the dishes tonight."

And this is what I awoke to:

Patrick's idea of doing dishes usually involves stacking dirty dishes next to the dishwasher, filling up the pots and bowls with hot water, dumping some utensils into said pots or bowls, and then promptly walking away. The dishes are done, man.

God, he's lucky he's cute.


Anonymous,  10:30 am, January 04, 2012  

My husband is the same!?! He thinks everything needs to 'soak'. Just love sticking my hands into a sink of cold, dirty water the next day.

BloggerBride 10:43 am, January 04, 2012  

oh man. huge ditto. unfortunately.

Lacey,  2:16 pm, January 04, 2012  

It must be a man thing - I've witnessed this more times than I care to remember.

JacquiG 6:14 pm, January 04, 2012  

Ah, men ... gotta love 'em!

Mine washes the dishes, most of the anyway, but my pet peeve is that when he's done he just pulls the plug and leaves the cloth or sponge sitting in bottom of the sink and doesn't rinse the sink of soap and gunk. Yuck!!

Anonymous,  10:24 pm, January 04, 2012  

Must be a guy thing! ...mine does this too and will say he doesn't want the pots filling up the dishwasher, so he'll wash them himself (that's what he says - and he does wash them if I manage to wait the week+ between their 'soaking' and his actual washing).

Father of the monkey,  3:44 pm, January 05, 2012  

Remember once I wrote "Patrick Byck is a Saint"?

Well, I take it back.

Jen 5:00 pm, January 11, 2012  

So, are we in agreement that we'll all blame our mother-in-laws on this behaviour? Har. ;)

Kelley 7:09 pm, January 29, 2012  

Oh my gosh, my husband is the same way! He rarely washes the dishes but always fills them with water so they can "soak." I guess it's a guy thing?

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