20 Jan 2012

I Am So Very, Very Easily Charmed

I'm not a fan of "performance" reality TV competitions (like American Idol or X-Factor or Dancing with the Not-Really-Stars) nor do I watch musicals or, ugh, Glee, but when I see a politician sing well, regardless of what political stripe they wear, gosh darnnit if I'm not just positively tickled pink.

Barack Obama only gave a couple lines of Al Green last night, but I am on the verge of fan-girling:

It's not the first time he's sung for a crowd:

And he's certainly not the only politician to do it. Here are a few other examples ...

Canada's Prime Minister Harper is a surprise guest of the National Arts Centre a few years ago and performed this Beatles song:

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi sing something I don't know:

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter drops some Sugarhill Gang:

Russia's Prime Minister Putin is more cringe-worthy than charming in his rendition of Blueberry Hill, but check out all the Hollywood types in the audience:

And it's not singing, but remember this? Ha. Oh, Bubba, those were the days:

It almost makes you wish all elections had a talent component. Almost.


Karen 1:56 pm, January 20, 2012  

I wish Obama sang more of that Al Green song! The man can sing!

Megan 3:23 pm, January 20, 2012  

I would totally watch the debates if they all featured a talent portion.

father of the monkey,  11:01 pm, January 20, 2012  

Those were great but you missed a couple of other biggies. Like:


and this (about 50 seconds in):


And who could EVER forget...?


Julie 7:15 pm, January 22, 2012  

Obama and Clinton need to tour together :)

Unapologetically Mundane 12:35 pm, January 23, 2012  

No. Kidding.

I happened to have the news on that morning for several hours and probably heard him sing five times.

. . . and then went to YouTube and watched it fifteen more times throughout the day. So charming! Even if it was just a stunt, I hope he keeps it up before the election.

Mrs. S 8:36 pm, January 24, 2012  

Little known fact: Before becoming mayor of Philadelphia, Michael Nutter worked his way through school as DJ Mixmaster Mike.


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