11 Jan 2012

It's Time To Invest In A Full-Length Mirror

I just realized that I went to the grocery store wearing ankle-skimming palazzo pants, harlequin-adorned socks and Mary Jane slipper shoes. People probably thought I was an off-duty mime:

There should be a rule that the next time I dare to wear this combination, The Music Box Dancer should suddenly start playing, and I should have to twirl and skip around regardless of where I am at that moment.


Anonymous,  6:52 pm, January 11, 2012  

Were you also wearing a beret?

Anonymous,  6:59 pm, January 11, 2012  

And this is where we all begin to think you've lost your mind. Foot tapping, cheesy fingernails and Mary Janes.

Trish,  11:57 am, January 12, 2012  

This is making me laugh and laugh and laugh. The music box dancer! OMGFLOLROTF

airwolf,  4:11 pm, January 12, 2012  

I followed the link and suddenly found myself in an ocean of "Music Box Dancer" variations. I remember when it first came out in the (believe it or not) Pop Music rotations it was one of my favorite songs to "cruise" by along with "Lover's Concerto". However, I can also see your point in relating to your "outfit".

Jen 7:26 pm, January 14, 2012  

Thanks for commenting, all!

Anon - Next time!

Frode - Begin? You mean, you didn't already know I've lost my mind! Score one for Jen!

Trish - TYVM!

Airwolf - Music Box Dancer always reminds me of piano lessons and piano recitals, as it was a given that *someone* would play it.

EleanorMagpie 5:26 pm, June 02, 2012  

This reminds me of the time I left the house in head to toe velvet. I'd never worn the pants before and was trying to force them into my rotation. I didn't consider the fact that my spring jacket was also velvet until it was time to go and I was already late for my school work placement. No choice. Uuuughh.

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