8 Nov 2010

It's Movember, Yo

Here's a totally-not-related-to-the-1950s kind of post, but with the experiment done, I'm allowed!

When it comes to raising awareness and funds for diseases, there appears to be two ways of going about it:

  • The lady way: running marathons, walking 10k, hosting giant galas
  • The man way: growing some facial hair
I don't want to be a traitor to my sex or anything, but I have to stand up and slow clap it for the gents (in my fantasy, I'm wearing a Letterman jacket - please feel free to visualize that too).

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, November is prostate cancer awareness month and the various charities that fight the disease have promoted something called Movember - a month of mustache (mo) growing. These mustache-growing warriors collect money from their hard-earned efforts which all then go to the cause of curb-stomping prostate cancer.

Patrick isn't growing a mustache. See, he kind of .... can't. I don't know what the deal is, but his face has basically refused to foster much follicle action above his upper lip. He can get it scratchy but not patchy.

If anyone in our home is going to grow a mustache, the responsibility sadly (and if you're my face - eagerly) falls to me. All I need is a week in the woods and I'm ready to blend into any fireman's reunion. I'm kind of not kidding. In those moments in life where I space out and think about things that will never happen, I've contemplated what my "personal luxury item" would be if I were ever on Survivor. I can never decide between Nair or just biting the bullet and bringing a razor. Those are the dilemmas that my brain spends its time working on. How amazing of it.

and .... [/tangent]

Prostate cancer is something that has impacted my family. We're really lucky though (well, we'd be luckier if my dad never had cancer to begin with but you know what I mean) - my dad is doing all kinds of wonderful now - still getting tested and still getting the occasional treatment - but his 60-year old butt is kicking prostate cancer ass. This wouldn't be the case without research and donations by everyday, awesome, beautiful, thoughtful folks like you.


A friend of ours, Dave, is growing his Mo - but he's also offering you something more if you donate at least $15: He'll draw your portrait! For that paltry sum and a pic of your choice, he'll turn you into a 2-D thing of beauty. He's doing this all through an official website set up by Prostate Cancer Canada, so you need not think this is some kind of scam by the good folks at Jen But Never Jenn.

The pic up top is one such pieces d'art. That's of my brother-in-law, Jason. Handsome, yes?

So, if you have $15 to spare (or more! He'll take more!) and a burning desire to see a cartoon version of yourself, please click the link. In the "message" part (after you've filled in your payment method), pop in your e-mail address so he can track you down and you can send him the picture you want cartoonized.

Update: Here's a toon of us from our wedding day!
Muchos muchos love to any of you who do this. You are good.


Anonymous,  9:01 pm, November 08, 2010  

I'm amazed, amused and a-flutter over the fact that you made prostate cancer fundraiser funny. Nicely done

Gracie,  1:02 am, November 09, 2010  

It's unusual that I laugh, consistently, while reading a blog. You manage that regardless of subject. So glad I came across you.
- Gracie

Jen 10:01 am, November 10, 2010  

Appreciated, Anon and Gracie.

I saw a few people I know donated to Dave after I posted this - Mieke and Mary Ellen, you are all kinds of lovely.

Unknown 8:57 pm, November 16, 2011  

Hey just so ya'll know we will be donating $500 to Prostate Cancer Canada on the Mo Space of the person who has the best Movember moustache. All you have to do is submit a pic of your stash at our website. http://www.storwell.com/movember

Please also include a link to your Mo Space. Once you have submitted the form you will be redirected to a custom page dedicated to your mo-photo. Simply this page with all your friends and get them to vote for you. On Nov 29th at exactly 12:01PM the moustache with the most votes wins. Simple as that!

The winner will also receive Storwell Self Storage Movember Moustache Champion trophy.

Best of luck and lets keep the awareness up,

Joel Blain

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