14 Nov 2010

Overheard ... Not Really How Ad Campaigns Get Started

I went out last night with Jacquelyn for a spot of gossip and we had a couple of drinks at a neighbourhood bar (literally just two drinks - it was a far cry from inspiring Arthur 3: To Cirrhosis, With Love) . While walking home from the rendezvous, two trashed twenty-somethings are ahead of me, having just come out of one of Canada's great institutions, Tim Hortons. One girl starts to sing into her doughnut (something I may or may not have done myself ... but while sober):

Girl in Little Dress: *singing badly to the tune of "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama* It's a cruller, cruller autumn ... oh oh oh ... shoving it into my mouth ... cruller, cruller autumn ... soon you'll be gone ... and I'll have to buy another one ...

Girl in Very High Heels: OMG ... You know what? They should use that! They should use that! We should tell them! I'm serious - that would be the most best commercial ever!

Girl in Little Dress: Really?

Girl in Very High Heels: *Grabs the songbird by the arm and turns her around* Let's go back and tell them!

I don't know how this ended as I kept on walking, but I imagine that the marketing decision-makers for Tim Hortons - that being the midnight counter staff - were thoroughly impressed and didn't at all hate their lives at that moment.

Image Source: Candy Critic


Steampunk T 10:17 pm, November 14, 2010  

Jen, do you have a link to gmail? I liberated a 1913 edition of the "The Wedded Life" that was presented to my paternal grandfather and grandmother on the day of their marriage in 1915. I might copy and pdf it, and send it to you.

It has some good stuff.

Jen 2:39 pm, November 15, 2010  

Ooo! Steampunk - that kind of stuff is like candy for my eyes! If you do have a copy, happily send away (please and thank you)!

I'm at jenbutneverjenn [at] gmail [dot] com.

I have a book called "Husband and Wife" from 1900 and it is *so* interesting. Within it, there are rather large sections dedicated to teaching the basics on puberty and reproduction and anatomy (apparently, you didn't need to know that stuff until you got married). Such a different world!

Julianne Ward Lawrence 6:55 pm, November 16, 2010  

Actually, I think that's maybe how *some* ad campaigns get started. (Oh snap, am I starting an agency/copy testing war?!)

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