12 Nov 2010

Vintage Cookbook Winners + A Chance For More

Happy Friday!

Notice anything different around here?

"Your inflated sense of self?"

Heh. Actually, I decided to ditch the flashing weird pictures that I used to have along the sides of the blog. They were admittedly rather obnoxious, slowed the site down and were possibly an epilepsy risk for some. Ahhh, it feels much cleaner in here already.

But enough about me, more about you!

A big thank-you goes out to those who gave my sister and her fiance such wonderful and thoughtful relationship advice in honour of their recent engagement. So much wisdom out there! The giddy couple has been loving the insight, all of which they appreciate and will promptly ignore take into consideration.

Everyone who commented was entered in a chance to win one of three vintage cookbooks from my personal collection. And here are the winners:

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth .... the Casserole Cookbook

Hippychic .... the Quick 'N' Easy Cook Book

Lauren .... the 10 P.M. Cook Book

Congrats, wieners! Now, you too, can cook ironically. To your families and friends: please accept my humble apologies for what your eyeballs and taste buds may be witness to in the near future. Patrick is always available should you want to console with someone who has been there.

If you didn't win anything, you still have a chance to scoop a horrible cookbook by simply leaving a comment in my Lessons from a Husband-Obsessed 50s Housewife post by 6 PM on November 15. Up for grabs is a 1958 Good Housekeeping's Book of Salads. Mmmm ... jellied, crazy, meat-infused salads. Good luck!

To get you in the mood for the weekend, here's a fitting old ad. If you ask me, there just aren't enough flute solos in beer commercials anymore:


Brassy 1:11 pm, November 12, 2010  

Oooh! I liked having some purty pictures, but the flashing was driving me NUTS. So, good change! Also, the doggie one kept showing me a cropped picture of dog belly and dog... y'know (don't wanna attract the spambots by naming it!).

Anonymous,  2:32 am, November 14, 2010  

I (Mel) LOVED all the advice and the chance to be featured in the blog! Ben and I have both enjoyed reading them!

Thanks Jen and thanks everyone who submitted!!

Lauren 5:35 pm, November 14, 2010  

AWESOME! Not only am I thrilled to have won, I'm also salivating (or is that gagging?) at the chance to try something from the infamouse 10pm cookbook!
My husband isn't going to know what him (or his digestive system).
Thank you very much indeed and expect pictures.

Lauren 5:36 pm, November 14, 2010  

Oooh, I made a food pun. I want some infamouse...

Jen 2:47 pm, November 15, 2010  

Brassy - buahahaha. Oh, man. Yes. I think the blog is better without the dog crotch shots. (Slightly mortified now. Hahaha.)

Mel - Happy you're happy, Ms. Bride to Be.

Lauren - Yay! Maybe the husbands should start their own blog / support group. And you know that they say: A good pun is its own reword. (Arf. Arf. Arf.)

Anonymous,  11:22 pm, September 02, 2022  

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