4 Nov 2010

Probably More Realistic Than My Blog ... Maybe

I'll update tomorrow with my Jack Handey-style Deep Thoughts (did I just date myself?) on this round of the 50s Housewife Experiment. In the meantime, here's something 50s-friendly for those of you who are looking to waste time at work / avoid your children / occupy yourself while in the bathroom (ew):

LIFE Magazine's Dec 24, 1956 issue was devoted to the subject of "The American Woman - Her Achievements and Trouble" - and it's freely available in its entirety online (including the ads!). It includes articles on topics like:

  • the most popular careers held by women
  • the life of the homemaker / stay-at-home mom
  • the "having it all" woman
  • expectant mothers
  • political wives
  • two interesting opinion pieces on how great / awful women are (it's a must-read ... some of you might even be horrified - and it's not a Jen But Never Jenn blog experience unless at least one of you leaves disgusted - it's on pages 72-76)
  • a husband's approval of his career-oriented wife
  • the beauty industry
  • ideals of beauty around the world
  • women involved in civics and community service
  • the state of the modern marriage
  • traits women believed the ideal man had, as demonstrated, rather randomly, by Perry Como (next experiment: Patrick tries to be Perry Como the perfect 50s husband for a week. Yes? No? Patrick votes no. Boo.)
Take it all with a grain of salt, of course. As mentioned on another blog, does any magazine or book truly capture what life is like (even if the publication is named just that)? Certainly not. Plus, in this particular issue of LIFE, there's little mention of women of colour (besides the beauty around the world feature), women in poverty and certainly no shout-out to queer women. You know, totally unlike today's ├╝ber representational magazines. Heh.

Also ... did you send my sister some happy vibes yet? I am *loving* all the advice and well-wishes so far!


Anonymous,  10:35 am, November 04, 2010  

Thanks for this! Will dive into it today while I'm on the toilet, oh, I mean, taking a break. J/k!

yogahz 10:58 am, November 04, 2010  

Thanks for the link.

In the article "The First Baby" the expectant mother, now in labor "...rests with a cigaret (sic) and awaits the final word from the doctor." which should be STOP SMOKING!

his_mom_x_2,  3:22 pm, November 04, 2010  

My lunch hour was spent reading the magazine you linked to. What a time warp!

Jen 8:23 pm, November 05, 2010  

Glad you guys enjoyed the read. I know I did!

Yogahz: There is *so much* about that magazine to comment on. It could be a blog of its own.

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