4 Sept 2005

Being A Slob Isn't As Much Fun As I Thought It Would Be

Yesterday was my do nothing / eat crap day. I specifically assigned it to myself on Friday as a treat. Well, to be honest, it wasn't that great.

* I watched a few really good episodes of Buffy
* I very much enjoyed a lime daiquiri I made
* Had some licorice. That was yay
* Pretty relaxing

* I felt like I grazed all day on nothing all that special. What a waste of points
* Felt kind of headachey and gross toward the evening
* While the lime daiquiri was yum, the strawberry one kinda sucked but I drank it anyway
* Our home is messy and dirty thanks to my not caring
* I now need to be extra careful with my points during the next two days so that I don't gain
* It was a really nice day outside, yet I barely went out

What I need to do is spend the first part of a treat day doing non-treat things (like tidy up the place, do groceries) so that I feel like I really earn some treat later on (and thus enjoy it more). I'll still have the lime daiquiri, but I'll eat well the rest of the day so that I don't just pile crap upon crap and end up feeling like, well, crap!

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