20 Sept 2005

You know it's true ... Everything I do ...

Alrighty, it’s a Tuesday so let’s get down to business: This week I’m down another 2lbs. This is most wicked and most awesome as it brings me to a total loss of 10.8lbs since Aug 23. This means I’m still what the docs call “overweight” (and what well-intentioned parents call “fluffy”) but much better than a month ago.

I’m now at the point where I’m starting to notice my weight loss but others are still oblivious to it. This is fine by me because the whole reason I’m doing this is for l’il ol’ me anyway. I do have to remind myself every so often that sticking to the plan is for my own benefit – and these reminders usually come when I’m faced with an ambush of cookies and chips and booze. In moments of agony I stay strong by singing Bryan Adams’s “Everything I Do” (to myself) while imagining Kevin Costner shooting a fiery arrow through a menacing and tyrannical buffet spread. Ok, I don’t actually do that, but maybe now that I’ve got the imagery down pat I will. Ha – yah, I totally will.

I do get reminders that I could do more, though. Like, say, exercise. Yesterday, I ended up spending the day not in front of the television as I fantasized, but instead cleaning up the place. I just cannot have a day off where I don’t tidy – I have a love/hate relationship with housekeeping. Plus, we were having the lovely Siobhan and her boyfriend Patrick (popular name, ‘round these parts) over that evening and needed to have the place look respectable.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with really sore thighs and bum and knew immediately where it was from: squatting and bending while vacuuming and scrubbing. How truly, truly sad. I mean, that sort of thing isn’t exercise or straining or anything, but apparently it’s been the greatest muscle usage my ass has seen in a long time. Sad indeed.

Oh well - we can't be completely perfect, right? :)


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