18 Sept 2005

I Am Samm

I have been asked via e-mail (which was terribly exciting for me - hello, Lynda!) what I have against “Jenn.” I will now happily reply.

My name is Jen. It is Jen because that’s exactly how it sounds – Jen. Other than a whiny child or perhaps the odd run-in with a valley girl, no one has ever tried to call me Jennnnn. I understand that Jennnnn is an exaggeration, but I really see no difference between it and Jenn. Both involve unnecessary letters and my eyes wincing at the sight of them.

My biggest gripe around this issue is when people completely ignore the fact that I sign e-mails “Jen” and instead reply with something to the effect of “Thanks, Jenn!” My response is to screw with their name in return. “Anytime, Jessicaa!”, “I’ll get right on that, Davidd” or “Have a great weekend, Michassholel!” It’s funny how quickly some of them catch it.

When talking to a Jennifer that goes by something that sounds just like “Jen” – the default should be to use “Jen” rather than “Jenn” just as one should default to using “toaster” instead of “breaddd crustinggg machineee.”

It’s true, some Jennifers prefer “Jenn.” Feel free to correct them.


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