10 Sept 2005

… Like A Racehorse

I just had the most satisfying #1 (tee hee) ever. This evening, I enjoyed the company of a handful of women from Hitched (hi Jean, Lexy, Suzie, Val, Erica, Debbie, Jacqueline, Sarah and Stephanie!) at a favourite local pub. Anyway, three pints later, I was ready to make my way home. Me, being a frugal and fitness-oriented (ha) girl, opted to walk.

By the time I frantically opened my door and sprinted (with legs together – which is a sight in itself to behold) to our washroom, my bladder was on the verge of supernova-ing itself all over the place.

Siiiiiighhh. My abdomen is still distended from my bladder being so overly full – just like a woman who gave birth, only I flushed my baby away and didn’t get any gifts.

WW-wise: I was amazingly in control and not only passed on the nachos but also stuck to light beer tonight! Hard to believe, but I’m even below my daily points allowance for the day. If nothing deserves a midnight binge, it’s that (ha! I kid! Really!)

Tomorrow is tennis with some Real Life Friends® , so it’s to bed with me so that I can be at the court for 9am (boo).


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