6 Sept 2005

Tale From the Scale

Today (a Tuesday) is my day to weigh myself. It was a gain (1.6 lbs), thanks to the weekend grazing-lazing weight-holding pattern I put myself into. Good job, there. The only non-sarcastic congrats I will give myself is that I managed to track everything I ate over the weekend (the point totals are horrifying). I don't want to let go of the habit of journalling.

Anyway, it took me a while to figure out my weight because the scale (a digital one) had been bumped from where I normally place it and the number that came up was bizarre. I readjusted the scale's position, and then a completely different number came up. I did this about a million times until I finally settled on a number that made sense and would come up most frequently.

The difference between the highest weight shown and lowest weight shown was 18lbs! That's crazy talk, Mr Scale! I feel like I need to draw a chalk outline around my scale as if it were a corpse so that I know exactly where it was the last time I weighed myself.

Some of the girls on Hitched.ca do a weekly chat about their weight loss and today's topic dealt with ways to deal with a long weekend. These are some of my goals to work on for when the weekend (regardless of it being long) rolls around:
* I need to do something in the morning outside of the house. If I wake up and immediately wander over to the computer and couch and get comfy, I'll end up staying there most of the day. Sitting around in ones pjs (see stretching, baggy clothing) all day doesn't help matters.
* I need to have groceries (ie: healthy stuff) in the home.
* I tend to plan just weekday meals - perhaps I need to plan weekend meals.

So there you go.


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