11 Sept 2005

Tennis, anyone?

This is a day of great (and I mean no disrespect to any 9-11 mourners out there).

Today, Patrick and I participated in a little tennis tournament put on by friends. I am very new to tennis but not entirely horrible at it (not great, of course, but every so often I impressed myself with an unspazzy swing at the ball). Patrick played quite a bit through high school and a little in university, but hasn’t done much of it in years. In other words, we are the underdogs.

A little over a month ago, we played in our first “friend tournament” that was charmingly named The Open VAG (that’s Varsity All Gender, of course!). We came in last. Today’s tournament was the DD Cup (as in Dewson District – where we play, of course!). We raised our ranking to third (of six)! A vast improvement!

I am so enthused by our progress and the fun that can be had when one doesn’t suck that I’ve asked for a tennis racket for my birthday (I’ve had to borrow one for these tournies). Maybe one day I’ll even go so far as to join a tennis club and make friends with people named Sloane and Chip and Margot. Oooh – and I want to get a ‘real’ tennis outfit that has that a skirt with a secret pocket to store balls in! (It’s just too easy to make a joke about drag queens with that one, so I’ll just skip it).

My current tennis outfit consists of a little pink skirt that is entirely too short to wear under normal circumstances, a little striped pink top that reminds me of those cherry-flavoured candy canes and something cutesy with my hair (either little piggie tails or a big bandana). As you can see, I also don’t wear make-up to play tennis but I'm putting this pic up because I look smaller than I normally do in photos (and THAT is FANTASTIC).

Another reason why today was great:
We came home and decided to have a late “French” lunch. We had baguette, wine, brie, pate and grapes. Very yum. Costly on the points, but once I included my hard-earned activity points, I came out right where I should. Oh la la!

A reason why things will continue to be great:
New Family Guy! On tonight!


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